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  1. Pangolins (穿山甲) are the most trafficked (非法交易) mammals in the world and are facing extinction. To draw attention to these scaly (有鳞片的), anteater-like animals, a new wildlife documentary, Eye of the Pangolin, is attempting a unique way to inspire action and conservation. Partnering with the non-profit organization Pangolin. Africa, the documentary was made available on YouTube in May 2019. The intention is to reach communities wherever the Internet is available, especially African communities, who live near the animal’s habitats.

    Over two years, the documentary crew traveled to South Africa, Ghana, Central African Republic and Gabon in search of the four unique species of pangolin, which has never been achieved before. Filmmakers Bruce Young and Johan Vermeulen say that they went into the shoot knowing relatively little about pangolins, but grew to respect and appreciate the animals. Getting close to the creatures over two years was a crash course in these secretive creatures. Johan Vermeulen said, "One thing however that might seem unimportant is that they are actually quite fussy eaters. You would think they would eat any type of ant, but they all prefer a specific type ant."

    Pangolins are hunted illegally across Africa for their scales, which are used for traditional medicine, and their meat. In April 2019, Singaporean customs officials conducted two separate seizures of 24 tons of pangolin scales, which equals to the death of 69,000 pangolins.

    Though the documentary focuses less on the trafficking of pangolins, and more on the animals in their natural habitat, the aim of the documentary is to inspire viewers around the world to call for action to end trafficking and protecting these unique creatures.

    Filmed on location in South Africa, Ghana, Central African Republic, and Gabon, this powerful documentary is the story of two men on a mission to get all four species of African pangolin on camera for the very first time.

    1.What is the purpose of the documentary?

    A.To study the situation of pangolins.

    B.To collect fund to protect pangolins.

    C.To raise awareness of pangolin protection.

    D.To propose setting up pangolin reserves.

    2.What is the meaning of the underlined word “fussy” in paragraph 2?

    A.Picky. B.Messy.

    C.Showy. D.Heavy.

    3.What’s the documentary mainly about?

    A.The illegal trade of pangolins.

    B.The medical function of pangolin's scales.

    C.The life of pangolins in their natural habitats.

    D.The efforts of Pangolin, Africa to save pangolins.

    4.Where is the text most likely from?

    A.A brochure. B.A diary.

    C.A novel. D.A magazine.

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  2. A Book Review—The Snake-Stone by Berlie Doherty

    The setting: Urban England (the cities), but also rural England (the countryside) including remote English villages.

    The theme: The main theme is a teenage search of self-discovery, in this case the search for a mother from whom the hero was separated at an early age. Its other concerns are love, getting on with others, being persistent and courageous and trying to deal with doubts, troubles and worries. As the book moves to a close, James’ swimming coach says to him: “You are not like a kid obeying instructions any more. You are diving like a young man who knows where he is going.”

    The characters: James is the hero of the story. He is a championship diver, and has a comfortable life with his foster parents (养父母). Yet he also has the qualities to take him on a long journey to find his birth mother. The other characters in The Snake-Stone, James’ parents, his diving instructor, best friend, the villagers, people he meets on his journey, are pictured realistically.

    The turning point: The turning point in the story comes while James’ foster parents are away in London, and he wonders about the identity of his birth mother. The only clue he has is a fossil, “the snake stone” which she left behind along with a note on which she had written: “Take good care of Sammie.” It was written on a torn envelope with parts of an address still there.

    The journey: Instead of going to London, James decides to find his birth mother. With help from his geography teacher, James sets out for the remote country village where his mother might be found. James has painful, challenging, but also humorous and happy travels. The mother he finally meets, Anne, has a minor yet powerful voice in the novel. He comes to understand why she left him at a stranger’s door fifteen years before. Although the meeting is not long, it leaves him with a feeling of completeness. As a journey of self-discovery, The Snake-Stone also provides its readers with a happy ending. Its hero says, on returning to his foster parents, “I was home.”

    1.What is the main theme of the novel?

    A.Life with foster parents. B.Life in the world of diving.

    C.A journey of self-discovery. D.A travel around the country.

    2.What do the coach’s words in Paragraph 2 suggest?

    A.James is a successful diver. B.James is an independent young man.

    C.James is an outgoing young man. D.James is a hopeful swimmer.

    3.The snake stone in the novel is     .

    A.a stone with an address on it B.a fossil left by the foster parents

    C.a gift from the swimming coach D.a clue left by the birth mother

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  3. Some people believe that a Robin Hood is at work, others that a wealthy person simply wants to distribute his or her fortune before dying. But the donator who started sending envelopes with cash to deserving causes,accompanied by an article from the local paper, has made a northern German city believe in fairytales (童话)

    The first envelope was sent to a victim support group. It contained €10,000 with a cutting from the Braunschtveiger Zeitung about how the group supported a woman who was robbed of her handbag; similar plain white anonymous (匿名)envelopes, each containing €10,000, then arrived at a kindergarten and a church.

    The envelopes keep coming, and so far at least €190,000 has been distributed. Last month, one of them was sent to the newspaper’s own office. It came after a story it published about Tom, a 14-year-old boy who was severely disabled in a swimming accident. The receptionist at the Braunschweiger Zeitung opened an anonymous white envelope to find 20 notes of €500 inside , with a copy of the article. The name of the family was underlined.

    "I was driving when I heard the news,” Claudia Neumann, the boy’s mother, told DerSpiegel magazine. “I had to park on the side of the road; I was speechless. ”

    The money will be used to make the entrance to their house wheelchair-accessible .and for a course of treatment that their insurance company refused to pay for.

    “For someone to act so selflessly, for this to happen in such a society in which everyone thinks of himself, was astonishing," Mrs. Neumann said. Her family wonder whether the donator is a Robin Hood character, taking from banks to give to the needy.

    Henning Noske, the editor of the Braunschweiger Zeitung, said: “Maybe it is an old person who is about to die. We just do not know. ” However, he has told his reporters not to look for the city’s hero, for fear that discovery may stop the donations.

    1.The Braunschweiger Zeitung is the name of         .

    A.a church B.a bank C.a newspaper D.a magazine

    2.Which of the following is TRUE about the donation to Tom?

    A.The donation amounted to €190,000.

    B.The donation was sent directly to his house.

    C.The money will be used for his education.

    D.His mother felt astonished at the donation.

    3.It can be inferred from the passage that      .

    A.the donator is a rich old man

    B.the donation will continue to come

    C.the donation comes from the newspaper

    D.the donator will soon be found out

    4.What would be the best title for the passage?

    A.Money Is Raised by the Newspaper

    B.Newspaper Distributes Money to

    C.Unknown Hero Spreads Love in Envelopes

    D.Robin Hood Returns to the City

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  4. You know the saying “You’re as young as you feel." Well, there may be some truth to that, according to researchers at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist who studies how the mind influences the body, and colleagues reviewed the scientific literature for evidence that a person’s perception of their age might influence their health. They published their results in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

    In one study that Langer led, 47 women had their hair done. The women who thought their new hairdos made them look younger did look younger to objective observers, who were shown before-and-after pictures. The women who thought they looked younger also showed a drop in blood pressure. Another study involving 4,421 men found that those who became bald at a relatively young age were more likely to get cancer and heart disease than men who did not. Similarly, another study involving 2,017 men found that those who lost their hair early were more likely to develop heart disease. “We believe that the feelings associated with being older than one’s real age account for some of these health outcomes,” the researchers wrote.

    The researchers also described studies that found that women who had children later in life were more likely to be healthier and live longer than those who had children early, which they attributed to the fact that these mothers tend to spend more time with younger women. Similarly, people who marry younger partners tend to live longer than those who marry older partners, according to other studies.

    Taken together, the research “supports the general mind-body hypothesis (假说) that when a younger mind is prepared, a younger body can accompany it.” While the mechanism(机制) remains unclear, the researchers figured that suggestions associated with aging can “make one unconsciously or consciously aware of old age and set in motion a series of physiological processes that can have real effects on short-term and long-term health."

    1.What’s the author’s attitude towards the research results?

    A.Negative. B.Indifferent.

    C.Supportive. D.Objective.

    2.Which of the following statements is true according to paragraph 3?

    A.Blood pressure is highly related to hairdos.

    B.Getting cancer or heart disease is the cause of hair losing.

    C.Feeling older than real age may be tied to health problems.

    D.The women who love hairdos look younger than those don’t.

    3.It can be inferred from Paragraph 4 that ________.

    A.often staying with younger people can benefit people's health

    B.the younger one of a couple lives much longer

    C.a younger mother is more likely to live longer

    D.people who want to live longer need to marry

    4.The passage mainly tells us that ________.

    A.Getting bald too early is not good for health

    B.People’s feeling of their age may have an effect on their own health

    C.Feeling younger to a couple is very important to their health

    D.Women had better give birth later in their life

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七选五 共 1 题
  1. Will you stop using plastic?

    If you take a look around your kitchen or office right now, chances are that you’ll notice you’re surrounded by plastic—water bottles, to-go coffee cups, straws (吸管), plastic grocery bags, food wrappers, take-out containers, single-serve coffee pods and produce bags. 1.

    It’s certainly not realistic to remove all plastic from your life, but let’s examine some statistics that may encourage you to reduce your single-use plastic footprint by throwing away straws, switching to reusable water bottles, bringing cloth bags to the grocery store and more.

    According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, the popularity of plastic, which began rising in the 1950s, is growing out of control. 2. And there’s no sign of slowing down, considering scientists say that another 12 trillion kilograms will be produced worldwide by 2050.

    “Every piece of plastic that has ever been created will remain in the environment in some form, but once we conveniently throw out our rubbish at home, wind and runoff carry our waste from landfills and streets to the ocean,” says Mystic Aquarium’s chief clinical veterinarian Jennifer Flower, DVM, MS. “Given that we are globally producing over 320 million tons of plastic annually, the marine environment is taking a big hit from our daily disposal of plastic.

    3. For example, newborn fish are mistaking tiny bits of plastic waste for food. If they die, there will be fewer big fish—and that could damage the food chain. Often our society is so focused on making our lives more convenient in the short term, but in the long run, our health and the health of marine life are at the expense of those everyday conveniences.”

    4. A recent report suggests that when heated, certain food additives (添加剂) can damage hormones, growth and development, as well as increase chances for children of being fat. 5. It is found in plastic containers and metal cans. Parents are urged to avoid using microwaves to warm food and drinks or placing plastics in the dishwasher.

    A. Our plastic consumption is directly affecting the life in the ocean.

    B. People are concerned about the results of overusing plastic containers.

    C. 8.2 trillion kilograms of plastic have been produced around the world.

    D. Using plastic containers in microwaves is also harmful to children’s health.

    E. Let’s stop using plastic for the benefit of the environment and human beings.

    F. These are all examples of single-use plastic products, which is a hot topic nowadays.

    G. The most concerning artificial additive BPA is a chemical used in the production of plastics.

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完形填空 共 1 题
  1. Scott Poore is an animal lover. He moves into the shelter kennel(犬舍) with the ______ of helping unwanted young dogs get adopted. Queen, a 3-year-old dog, has just gotten the most ____ roommate despite the narrow living room.

    Since Poore is a ______ visitor at the shelter, he is familiar with all of the ______. However, little Queen in particular has really ______ his heart. Poore says that he recently began to ____ that Queen seemed to be" losing ______"in finding a forever home. "I have been ______Queen every single day for over a year and now I can ______ see her giving up," Poore wrote on his blog last week. "She used to get so ______ when I would arrive and now she just lies in her bed and ______ at me. I sit in her room and all she does is look out of her window."

    So as a ______ of raising awareness of Queen's situation, Poore ______ a suitcase and moved into the dog's kennel. Poore says it has been ______ managing his work while also living at the shelter, but he is ______ to stay in the kennel until someone adopts Queen. Since he ___ the kennel earlier this week, he and his new canine roommate have been ______ the headlines of dozens of national news outlets, although no potential ______ have stepped forward.

    ____, this dog has finally been given a loving home after his ______ crossed with that of a woman living on the other side of the country.

    1.A.assistance B.exception C.aim D.name

    2.A.devoted B.expected C.experienced D.talented

    3.A.patient B.regular C.curious D.cautious

    4.A.keepers B.investors C.colleagues D.animals

    5.A.broken B.stolen C.understood D.lost

    6.A.check B.notice C.suspect D.imagine

    7.A.happiness B.freedom C.hope D.energy

    8.A.visiting B.walking C.instructing D.training

    9.A.naturally B.anxiously C.still D.obviously

    10.A.excited B.concerned C.amazed D.disappointed

    11.A.stands up B.looks down C.jumps down D.stares up

    12.A.reward B.means C.consequence D.symbol

    13.A.packed B.brought C.purchased D.delivered

    14.A.meaningful B.vital C.tough D.unusual

    15.A.satisfied B.inspired C.honoured D.determined

    16.A.cleared up B.cared for C.settled into D.met with

    17.A.hitting B.discussing C.hearing D.encouraging

    18.A.customers B.donators C.employers D.adopters

    19.A.Increasingly B.Pitifully C.Delightfully D.Deliberately

    20.A.view B.path C.mind D.story

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  1. 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

    Everyone would have success if it 1. (be) free. But there are few successful individuals and each of them had put in enough productive work 2. they received anything in return. While working hard on what you believe in, you're understanding its true value. You begin to respect the work itself, to build some 3. (exception) qualities along the way, and to learn important life lessons during it.

    There is a popular 4. (believe) that in the beginning of your journey, you aren't ready to handle the success and all the responsibilities that come together with it. But earning it with sweat and sacrifices 5. (prepare) you for that. So the hard work, together with the time it takes, is 6. must on your journey to success. It makes you who you have to turn into 7. (live) the better life that's waiting for you. What's more, the harder you work on your dream, the more confident you become.

    Hard work gives you a purpose — it helps you to be patient, to take action instead of waiting 8. (mere) for things to happen, to stop blaming yourself or others and take responsibility for anything you have or don't have in your life.

    Now that you know all this about hard work, never 9. (question) its power. Instead, create your strategy, make a step-by-step plan and take the first step towards success no later than today. Your hard work will 10. doubt pay off!

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短文改错 共 1 题
  1. 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。




    注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

    2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

    The mascot(吉祥物) for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games official made its public appearance on Tuesday. It was a cartoon character inspired by giant pandas. The smiling panda is named with Bing Dwen Dwen in Chinese. Color circles around its face symbolize skating tracks and 5G technology. Bing, Chinese word for "ice", shows purity and strength, but Dwen Dwen, means sincerity, liveliness and health — also characteristics of pandas. Perhaps pandas are the animals most easily recognizing by us in China. The mascot combines our traditional culture and how pandas look like with winter sports elements. The image shows our great expect of the Games and that our Chinese welcome the world.

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提纲类作文 共 1 题
  1. 假定你是李华,一名高三学生。你的美国网友Mike来信询问你及家人是如何应对新型冠状病毒以及它带来的改变和你的感受。请给对方写一封回信,内容包括:

    1. 写信目的;

    2. 措施和改变;

    3. 你的感受。

    注意:1. 词数100左右;

    2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

    参考词汇:the novel coronavirus  n. 新型冠状病毒;  mask  n. 口罩

    Dear Mike,


    Looking forward to your early reply.


    Li Hua

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